A partner of choice

AMT Die Casting produces quality aluminium and zinc components using a variety of die casting techniques to suit your requirements. 

Thanks to over 40 years experience, AMT can transform your concept into a production part rapidly at a reasonable cost.

Our technical experts will assist you along the path of design, development, and manufacture of your part project.

AMT designs and builds, in house, quality tooling which enable the efficient production of your die cast parts.

Our highly skilled staff ensure quality products are delivered on time every time.

We make flexible arrangements to allow our customers to maximize their inventory turnover, while maintaning cost effective production lots.

AMT offers a wide variety of value added secondary operations such as shotblasting, machining, and several finishing options.

Our company has the flexibility to cast parts in various aluminium or zinc alloys.

Every project we undertake is handled by professionals who are dedicated to our customer’s satisfaction.


Our facilities are located 35 minutes from Rivière-du-Loup in eastern Quebec :
  • Two casting plants in Saint-Cyprien
  • Tooling and machining facility in Saint-Jean-de-Dieu
  • Finished product warehouse in Trois-Pistoles.
Our Markets

We serve a wide variety of industries throughout North America.

Our Goals

Offer you high quality parts at a reasonable cost with great service.

We wish to be your partner of choice for all your die casting needs.


AMT began by producing die casted  chain saw  components in the small community of Saint-Cyprien, located near Rivière-du-Loup in north eastern Québec in 1967. The growth of the snowmobile industry  and its demand for aluminium parts allowed AMT to expand rapidly during the 1970’s. It purchased additional die casting equipment, hired dozens more personnel and extended the size of its orginal building. AMT diversified  later into the design and marketing of its own original products. The 1990’s saw AMT throught  another cycle of growth with the advent of large automotive part contracts. A second plant was built and modern die casting and quality control equipment was installed to keep pace with these new demands. Today, AMT employs more than 125 employees and continues to improve in all aspects of production and service for the benefit of its diversified customer base.

  • AMT produces their first high vacuum die cast parts which are of the
    highest quality and integrity ever produced. These parts can be heat treated and welded.  Another die casting cell is automated.
  • AMT inaugurates the finished parts warehouse in Trois-Pistoles.
  • A new 900 tons  automated die casting  cell begins production.
  • A second die casting cell is automated.
  • Parts for the medical industry are added to our product line.
  • AMT Die Casting  acquires Belise Industries to improve and expand its capacity to manufacture quality toolings and machine castings.
  • Our first 900 tons automated die casting cell started
  • Major investments in the quality control deptartment includes, the installation of  an  Xray unit, an automated CMM and a spectrometer.
  • ISO 9001 certification is obtained and AMT begins to produce parts for the automobile industry.
  • A new casting facility is built and new die casting equipment is installed to keep up with rapid expansion of our sales.
  • The original plant is expanded and new die casting equipment is installed.
  • A sales manager is hired. Sales of parts for recreational vehicules take off.
  • Atelier Mécanique Tremblay officially becomes AMT Die Casting.
  • The company continues to expand its casting operations with the addition of new contracts from the electrical industry.
  • Parts for snowmobiles are produced and the company markets its own line of cast products
  • Atelier Mécanique Tremblay is established in Saint-Cyprien by its founder , Roger Tremblay