Our expertise

Our engineers have many years of experience in part & mold design, tooling production and casting technologies. They can assist you throught out all the steps required to obtain your finished part.

We are able to assist you in the design of the part to be cast. Our design group works closely with our customers to come up with tooling capable of producing « near net shape » castings in order to minimize secondary operations. AMT utilises Magma-Flow computerized simulations to aid in the design of tooling which can maximize the flow  to and the filling of each cavity in the die. All this helps us build efficient and highly productive tooling.  If required, AMT can design and build cost effective prototype tooling.

Tool making:
AMT has most of it’s customer’s  tooling manufactured by our own Bélisle Industries tool making division. This allows us to have a better control on the building process and more flexibility with production schedules. Belisle Industries has the equipement, expertise and experience to build high quality, complex and long lasting tools at reasonable costs for our customers.

Our casting units are equipped with individual melt furnaces which allow us to cast a wide variety of aluminium and zinc alloys. Most units  have been integrated into our die casting vacuum system which allows as to produce higher quality parts with less porosity. Many of our units are automated and utilise our ingenious computerised parameter control system. AMT is always looking to develop and put to good use the latest in casting technologies. We participate in several internal and external R&D projects.

Finishing & secondary operations:
AMT offers to take charge of all secondary and finishing operations including machining, anodization, painting and assembly. You get a part ready for production at your plant when it is required. We guarantee the delivery and quality of all finished parts whether they are done internally or throught our network of approved sub-contractors.

Quality Control:
We estabish with each customer an individual control plan for each part to be cast. Our qualified quality control technicians ensure that each plan is rigorously followed and parts meet every customer expectation. We have in house X-ray and spectrometer capabilities. Quality reports and statistical control plans are available on request. AMT is certified ISO 9001 :2008 and strives to continuously improve it’s quality procedures.