AMT offers you several choices

Which process is best for you?

RCDC   Regular commercial die casting
  • Small to medium size production runs
  • Best value on both piece price  and tooling cost
  • Limited quality criteria and tolerances
  • Basic porosity and mechanical requirements
  • Parts conform to all NADCA specifications

Electrical component (Zinc or A380)
Electrical component (Zinc or A380)Process RCDC. Commercial product 
Electrical component (Zinc or A380)
Antenna clamp (A380)
Knife handle (A380)

VADC    Vacuum assisted die casting
  • Small to medium size production runs
  • Competitive piece price and tooling cost
  • Excellent cost quality ratio
  • Parts meet tighter tolerance and porosity specifications
  • Customer specific quality requirements and control plan

Medical equipment component (A380)
Medical equipment component (A380)Process VADC. 
Medical equipment component (A380)
Hydraulic NVH engine support (in house)
Connector housing (A380)
CVT transmission component (A380)

RVDC    Rapid fill vacuum assisted die casting
  • Medium to high volume production runs
  • Full process flow simulation at tooling design stage
  • Improved cycle time – therefore reduced piece price
  • Production done on automated die casting cells
  • Automated process control of shot parameters*
  • Consistently produces parts of high quality and integrity
  • Best cost ratio for high quality high volume parts

Pump cover (B390)
Pump cover (B390)Process RVDC. 100% leak proof.
Hydraulic NVH engine support (A413)
Pump housing (A380)
CVT transmission component (A380)
Pump cover (B390)
Watercraft component (A360)
Medical equipment component (A380)
Medical equipment component (A380)


HVDC    High vacuum die casting
  • Has all the advantages of the RVDC process
  • Process allows for thin wall part design
  • Mechanical resistance of parts is greatly improved
  • Eliminates gas porosity in parts
  • Parts can be heat treated and welded
  • Near net shape casting reduces machining required
  • Possible alternative to gravity poured castings
  • Process produces parts of highest quality and integrity

Structural component (SF-36)
Structural component (SF-36)Process HVDC. Near net shape design replaces two gravity cast parts. Great reduction in machining costs
Structural component (SF-36)

* Automated process control
AMT has developed an efficent automated system whereby the critical parameters of each shot are monitored by computer during production. The operator or robot is immediately advised to reject any part which was not cast within predetermined settings. This ensures the integrity of each cast part and quarantees a consistent production throughtout the casting process.